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CNXCertified Network Expert
CNXChiang Mai, Thailand - International (Airport Code)
CNXChina North Express (trade route)
CNXCRISIL NSE (National Stock Exchange) Indices (India stock exchange)
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US Airways and US Airways Express flights in and out of the Bahamas also have been canceled for the remainder of the day.
And the real reason it was canceled is quite clear.
This is the second time Mayo canceled his announcement to commit to USC.
Also, under the passive loss reform, the borrower may use passive losses to offset "active" real estate income, which may include the canceled debt from a loan restructuring.
An obligation that was not in existence could therefore not be canceled.
Section 453B(f) treats a canceled installment obligation as if it was "disposed of in a transaction other than a sale or exchange" and provides that if the obligor and obligee are "related," the fair market value of the obligation is deemed to be its face amount.
British Airways said it canceled a further 35 flights at LHR yesterday, raising its six-day total at its main base to around 700, while systemwide cancellations numbered around 1,100.
POINT MUGU - For the second time in four years, the air show at Naval Base Ventura County has been canceled because organizers were unable to get a headlining jet aerobatics team to perform, officials said Tuesday.
The resale agreements can be canceled between May 30 and Nov.
The Agreement canceled the SPA that was originally entered into and the Company was able to cancel 800,000 shares of its outstanding Common Shares and cancel all of its series "A" Preferred shares.
British Airways canceled 30 percent of its flights from London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday in a growing row with airport authorities over how to handle tougher security.
6 million modernization of Boron High School, which was previously canceled due to a missed deadline.