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CANDCanadian Association of Numismatic Dealers (Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada)
CANDClean Air Nonroad Diesel (emissions control; US EPA)
CANDComplexity and Nonlinear Dynamics
CANDComplete Axillary Node Dissection
CANDChronic Alcoholic Nervous Disease
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PML-N candidate of district council from UC Gorini, Mazhar Abbassi secured 5800 votes and won the contest his opponent PTI candidate Jamal Abbassi got 2600 votes.
Not all candidate appearances in church violate the Internal Revenue Code, but an event that has all the trappings of a campaign rally the Sunday before the election clearly does.
The differentiating factor generally hinges on whether the organization expressly or implicitly encourages voters to vote for or against a specific candidate.
The teacher candidate was also expected to use a series of activities which allowed the student to creatively use the information that was to be mastered.
Years later, Klein asks Tad Devine, a Gore consultant, whether Gore wouldn't have been a better, warmer candidate if he'd been allowed to talk about issues he really cared about.
Qualifications: A candidate for membership as an associate must have attained the designation of ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries), or ACAS (Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society), or EA (Enrolled Actuary), or MAAA (Member of the American Academy of Actuaries), or MSPA (Member of the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries); or the equivalent designation for any international actuarial organization.
Mayoral candidate Paul said he decided to run because he has been trying unsuccessfully to interest Lancaster officials in efforts to slow city traffic down or in what he calls his ``human accountability project,'' a plan he described as ``getting everybody to agree to be better people.
The candidate and mentor are jointly responsible for the preparation of the plan for the career development program.
THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE job candidates you've interviewed over the past several years.
For all federal candidates combined, contributions of $200 or less have almost quadrupled, from $50 million in 2000 to $194 million in 2004.
As noted last week, "many media outlets have reported that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in a recent memorandum addressed to US Bishops, gave approval for voting for pro-abortion candidates as long as the voter agreed with the candidate on other serious issues.