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CANDYCitizens Against Needless Death in Youth (Mississippi)
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The affairs of their clients are absolutely safe in the hands of Mitchell, Sons, & Candy.
Green candy and green pop corn were offered for sale, as well as green shoes, green hats, and green clothes of all sorts.
She could trim a hat, make molasses candy, recite "Curfew shall not ring to-night," and play "The Lost Chord" and a pot-pourri from "Carmen.
I guess you have had enough candy, and mother thinks so too.
Peppermints always seem to me such a religious sort of candy -- I suppose because when I was a little girl Grandmother Gordon always gave them to me in church.
For me to buy that mare wouldn't mean as it does to most men to send a bouquet of flowers or a box of candy to a young lady.
Now run along and get some candy, and don't forget to give some to your brothers and sisters.
At the time she worked in a small candy store across the street from Gluck's shop.
He wore a silk hat and carried a candy cane prettily striped with red and yellow.
For it was the Game that had been questioned, its verity and worth, the Game itself, the biggest thing in the world--or what had been the biggest thing in the world until that chance afternoon and that chance purchase in Silverstein's candy store, when Genevieve loomed suddenly colossal in his life, overshadowing all other things.
Tom was set to cracking nuts, and Maud to picking out the meats, for the candy was to be "tip-top.
You've given me sweeter things than candy, and I'm not likely to forget it.