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CANDYCitizens Against Needless Death in Youth (Mississippi)
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Let him thump and call, it only serves him right; and when the candy is done, we
Make your candy, and let him alone, or I 'll go and tell papa, and then Tom will get a lecture.
Polly thought it was n't fair; but Maud clamored for her candy, and finding she could do nothing to appease Fan, Polly devoted her mind to her cookery till the nuts were safely in, and a nice panful set in the yard to cool.
He can't possibly get out anywhere, and as soon we 've cut up the candy, we 'll unbolt the door and run.
When they came down with the dish in which to set forth their treat, and opened the back-door to find it, imagine their dismay on discovering that it was gone, pan, candy, and all, utterly and mysteriously gone!
A general lament arose, when a careful rummage left no hopes; for the fates had evidently decreed at candy was not to prosper on this unpropitious night.
Candy thereupon told him that his nerves were all out of order and that he ought to go through a course of medicine immediately.
Candy, the doctor, who had mysteriously disappeared from the drawing-room, and had then mysteriously returned, and entered into conversation with Mr.
I don't have to dress," said the Candy Man from Merryland.
She had not noticed his entrance, being busy with one other customer, an urchin of six or seven who gravely analyzed his desires before the show-case wherein truly generous and marvellous candy creations reposed under a cardboard announcement, "Five for Five Cents.
Day after day it worried him, and the candy shop and the girl behind the counter continually obtruded themselves.
The affairs of their clients are absolutely safe in the hands of Mitchell, Sons, & Candy.