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K-9Canine (Dog)
K-9Canine Unit (of a police department)
K-9Military Working Dog Program
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Certainly such elements in the character of a marriageable girl tended to interfere with her lot, and hinder it from being decided according to custom, by good looks, vanity, and merely canine affection.
The first may seem a trifle, but it cost me many a tear: Snap, my little dumb, rough-visaged, but bright-eyed, warm-hearted companion, the only thing I had to love me, was taken away, and delivered over to the tender mercies of the village rat-catcher, a man notorious for his brutal treatment of his canine slaves.
As the threatening bull continued his stiff and jerky circling of the ape-man, much after the manner that you have noted among dogs when a strange canine comes among them, it occurred to Tarzan to discover if the language of his own tribe was identical with that of this other family, and so he addressed the brute in the language of the tribe of Kerchak.
An ugly-looking man, a hunch-backed human savage to all appearance, squatting in the aperture of one of the dens, would stretch his arms and yawn, showing with startling suddenness scissor-edged incisors and sabre-like canines, keen and brilliant as knives.
Their teeth were very large and white and even, except for the upper canines which were a trifle longer than the others--protruding just a bit when the mouth was closed.
It was then that Tarzan first noticed that the fellow's upper canines were unusually long and exceedingly sharp.
Products contributing to sales in the US included Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Canine, Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats Canine and Prescription Diet j/d Feline.
Sexual dimorphism in canine size was analyzed from a sample of the Baldwin County, Georgia population of Didelphis virginiana (Virginia opossum).
The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced on Thursday that Orlando International Airport (MCO) air cargo facilities now has two new canine teams, certified in their local environment and fully operational, adding to the airport's explosives detection capabilities.
Development and validation of a body condition score system for dogs: A clinical tool, Canine Practice [1997] 22:10-15)
For most dog owners, their canine companion is a part of their family for whom they feel a responsibility to care for 'up close and personal'.
Heska Corporation (Loveland, CO) has patented canine immunoglobulin G (IgG) and canine interleukin-13 receptors (IL-13R) as well as fusion proteins containing canine IgG and/or canine IL-13R.