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Wherever there was a possibility of guns being laid for them unseen, a fresh canister of the black vapour was discharged, and where the guns were openly displayed the Heat-Ray was brought to bear.
A thousand pounds of dynamite, in sealed canisters, was placed about some workings.
How many other kinds of petty merchandise were there, it would be difficult to say; but balls of packthread, ropes of onions, pounds of candles, cabbage-nets, and brushes, hung in bunches from the ceiling, like extraordinary fruit; while various odd canisters emitting aromatic smells, established the veracity of the inscription over the outer door, which informed the public that the keeper of this little shop was a licensed dealer in tea, coffee, tobacco, pepper, and snuff.
The upper slide, on being pulled down (leaving the lower a double mystery), revealed deep shelves of pickle-jars, jam- pots, tin canisters, spice-boxes, and agreeably outlandish vessels of blue and white, the luscious lodgings of preserved tamarinds and ginger.
There are commercial canister filters on the market that appear quite similar to the C2A1.
The vacuum's unique features enable it to standout and surpass all other canister vacuums on the market.
The canister reacted with water when it was put in a bin outside National Windscreens on Bradford Road in Fartown on Wednesday lunchtime.
Store the pennies in one canister and chalk in the other.
The canister is wide enough to accommodate standard measuring cups, making it simple for users to quickly scoop out the needed amount of sugar and replace the airtight lid.
Smart, of Green Farm Close, Ely, pleaded guilty to possessing the canister, which is classed as a banned firearm.
The system is available in three sizes to accommodate medium, large, and extra-large canisters.
The S3765-040 steps up with the electronics, which govern three levels of suction and LED readout on the canister.