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CAPLCatastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome
CAPLCareer Planning
CAPLChevron Australia Pty Ltd.
CAPLCanadian Association of Petroleum Landmen
CAPLCulturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (foreign language learning)
CAPLCanadian Association of Public Libraries
CAPLCommissions Administratives Paritaires Locales
CAPLCentre for Assessment of Prior Learning (New Zealand)
CAPLCentral Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory (Egypt)
CAPLCanadian Academy of Psychiatry and Law
CAPLCapitula (Latin: Chapters; Codices and Manuscripts)
CAPLCenter for Art and Public Life
CAPLCommunication Access Programming Language
CAPLCAN Access Programming Language
CAPLContinuous Annealing and Processing Line
CAPLCivilian Acquisition Position List
CAPLCoastal Anti-Pollution League
CAPLChemical and Allied Products Limited
CAPLCUMI Australia Pty Ltd
CAPLCarillon Avenue Pty Limited
CAPLC4I Alerts Presentation Layer
CAPLContinuous Annealing Process Line
CAPLcapillary assist pump loop
CAPLCritical Alloys Parts List
CAPLContinuous Anneal Process Line (steel industry)
CAPLCritical Acquisition Position List
CAPLCentral Animal Pathology Laboratories (UK)
CAPLCommand Alerts Presentation Layer (US DoD)
CAPLCommittee on Academic and Professional Linkages
CAPLContractual Agreement Preference List (wireless networks)
CAPLControlled Assembly Parts List
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Each yr there was an initial increase in the number of overwintering adult weevils collected in mid to late Apr, followed by a slight dip in numbers collected, then followed by another increase from the F1 generation emergence, which aligned with the emergence of adult weevils from the capitula kept in the screen house (Fig.
Capitula on stick insect eggs and elaiosomes on seeds: convergent adaptations for burial by ants.
Five capitula per plant, each one corresponding to one of the five experimental treatments were randomly chosen, except for E.
XV, 16-17, el discurso inaugural del I Concilio de Braga y los canones 67 y 70 de los Capitula Martini.
Hoy el Estado capitula frente a una exageracion en la division del poder politico.
Paepalantine (9,10-dihydroxy-5,7-dimethoxy-1H-naphtho(2,3c)pyran-1-one), an isocoumarin isolated from the capitula of Paepalanthus bromelioides, has shown antimicrobial activity against Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, S.
Resistance of sunflowers to extension of Sclerotinia sclerotiorurn mycelium on leaves and capitula, p.
Vigor of the dominant peat mosses was estimated from water content (as percentage of dry mass) of the living shoot capitula ([approximately]1.
11) Of course these latter kinds of instructions are commonplace in capitularia of the time; but for the moment we are concerned less with the fontes of these capitula than the fact of their immediate proximity to the book lists in two of AElfric's pastoral letters.
This population was monomorphic for the nonradiate genotype, nn, that is, all plants produced capitula lacking ray florets.
76) Cyprian uses testamentum just twice in the capitula of his Testimonies, but not as a book title.