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CHOChinese Hamster Ovary
CHOCarbohydrate (chemical formula Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen)
CHOChemical Hygiene Officer
CHOChief Happiness Officer (work happiness expert)
CHOChief Health Officer (corporate title)
CHOCommunity Health Organization
CHOCommunity Health Officer
CHOCMOS Harmonic Oscillator
CHOChief Household Officer
CHOCharlottesville, VA, USA - Charlottesville/Albemarle (Airport Code)
CHOCentre Hospitalier d'Orsay (French: Orsay Hospital Center; Orsay, France)
CHOChildren's Hospital of Oklahoma
CHOCanadian Hemophilia Outcomes
CHOClub Hématopoïèse et Oncogenèse (French: Hematopoiesis and Oncogenesis Club; French Society of Hematology)
CHOCertified Hotel Owner (certification)
CHOChief Humanitarian Officer
CHOChuan Hup Offshore
CHOCommunity Health Outreach (various locations)
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The cult of carbohydrate cutting notwithstanding, world nutrition experts assembling recommendations for the International Olympic Committee advise choosing foods high on the glycemic index as your major carbohydrate choices, especially for recovery meals.
Fisk is especially concerned about the induction phase of the Atkins regimen, during which a dieter is in ketosis, a metabolic state induced when a person eats very few carbohydrates and the body burns fat and protein as fuel instead of glucose.
In the latest diets, the trend is to increase the pyramid's allowance of protein and decrease the carbohydrates, while all diets recommend keeping an eye on your fat intake.
However, he said, long-term research indicates that after 1 year of dieting, weight loss is similar between diets that restrict carbohydrates, fat, or calories.
The amount of protein at each meal or snack dictates how much carbohydrate and fat should be consumed at the same time to maintain insulin in a relatively tight zone; not too high [or] low.
DAVANAT([R]), the Company's lead drug candidate, is a polysaccharide, carbohydrate polymer, composed of mannose and galactose (galactomannan).
Effects of protein, monounsaturated fat, and carbohydrate intake on blood pressure and serum lipids.
The Gatorade Sports Nutrition Advisory Board advises 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate intake per hour during endurance exercise.
The low-carbohydrate group was instructed to consume less than 20 grams of carbohydrate per day for 2 weeks, and then less than 40 grams per day for 10 weeks (adding fruits, nuts, and whole grains), and to eat low-carbohydrate foods according to hunger.
5 grams carbohydrate (5 grams net carbs), 9 grams protein, 2.
It comes in fruit flavors with a bit of simple carbohydrate, so it satisfies both electrolyte and carbohydrate replenishment.
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