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CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board
CARBCenter for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
CARBConsortium for Advanced Residential Buildings
CARBCarburetion Day (Indy 500)
CARBCheney Ashcroft Rumsfeld Bush
CARBCilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus
CARBCorrective Action Review Board
CARBCommercial Airlift Review Board (Air Mobility Command)
CARBClub Alfa Romeo Boxer (French automobile club)
CARBCompact Aligning Roller Bearing
CARBChannel Availability Radio Bulletin
CARBClub Alfa Romeo de Bresse (French automobile club; La Bresse, France)
CARBContracting Abuse Resolution Board
CARBCoalition Acquisition Review Board (US Army)
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For international and China market analysis, the report analyzes Carburetor markets in China and other countries or regions (such as US, Europe, Japan, etc) by presenting research on global products of different types and applications, developments and trends of market, technology, competitive landscape, and leading suppliers' and countries' 2009-2014 capacity, production, cost, price, profit, production value, and gross margin.
RAY: But since you can't get help rebuilding your carburetor, I'm going to suggest that you try to replace it.
The air and fuel flow is through orifices into the mixing chamber of the carburetor which has baffle plates that enables proper mixing of air and fuel.
This is a recognised hazard with many light aircraft, which are equipped with a device to warm the carburetor periodically to prevent it.
It is well known that carburetor cleaner contains other solvents that are toxic, such as toluene, butane, and methylene chloride.
In carburetor manufacturing, new technology has centered on improvements in assembly line production.
The three things that stood out were: 1) It had to perform and have plentiful torque, 2) It had to have historic Indian design cues--as in carburetor on the left, round cylinders, vertical fins on top--and 3) Take the best of proven technology and create an engine that's both reliable and durable.
A hardened heart valve is like a rusty carburetor on a car: It call stall the machinery.
That is, until forward thinking elastomer seals suppliers cautioned the industry on the possibility of detrimental effects on elastomer parts in engines; especially on carburetor cups, grommets and fuel system diaphragms.
Sooner or later all saws require a bit of carburetor adjustment.
BrandZoom: Carburetors is an automotive market research report of enthusiasts' opinions on 13 leading carburetor brands.
Avoid getting snowed in with five tips that help you identify a damaged carburetor, fix gas that has gone bad, and keep you plowing like a pro, including: