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CARDCaspase Recruitment Domain
CARDCandidate Access Router Discovery (IANA)
CARDCaspase Recruitment Domain-Containing Protein
CARDCaspase Activation and Recruitment Domain
CARDCenter for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc.
CARDCost Analysis Requirements Document
CARDContact-Based Architecture for Resource Discovery
CARDCivil Aviation Research and Development
CARDCenter for Agricultural Research and Development (various countries)
CARDComputerized Anthropometric Research and Design
CARDCasinos Austria Research & Development
CARDCitizens Advocating Responsible Development
CARDConsolidated Admissions and Reporting Directive
CARDCatalog of Approved Requirements Documents
CARDComputer Aided Remote Driving
CARDCenter for Aquaculture Research and Development (Sarasota, Florida)
CARDConceptual and Reasoning Difficulties
CARDCost Analysis Requirement Description
CARDCompressed Alternate Reality Data (Phantasy Star gaming)
CARDConventional Armaments Review Document
CARDCooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (India)
CARDChannel Allocation and Routing Data
CARDConstellation Architecture Requirements Document (NASA)
CARDComputer-Aided Real-time Design
CARDCarrot Association for Research and Development
CARDCommunicators for Agricultural and Rural Development (Philippines)
CARDCoastal and Arctic Research Division
CARDCorrective Action, Repair & Diagnosis
CARDCommunauté d'Agglomération de la Région Dieppoise (French: Agglomeration Community of the Dieppe Region; Dieppe, France)
CARDCommunity Action and Research for Development (India)
CARDCenter for Autism and Related Disabilities
CARDCenter for Agricultural and Rural Development
CARDCitizens Against Radioactive Dumping
CARDCollaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (California)
CARDCenter for Anxiety and Related Disorders (Boston University)
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As more health plans adopt card technology in 2005, some will enjoy the benefits of magstripe cards, but others are taking a look at the value smart-card technology may bring to the table.
But what a smart card can do that a magstripe can't is provide real-time information useful to the patient, clinic and health plan all at once.
The cards require special smart card readers to work, and once users insert them into these readers, the readers capture and store information pertinent to the transaction in question.
While magnetic stripe technology is able to process and record transactions instantaneously, transactions with smart card technology occur offline during nightly batch processing, then link directly to a student's bank account.
3) If a problem arises, the thieves feign any knowledge and purchase the gas or gift with cash and then destroy the card.
Most of the larger issuers have grown by acquisition of credit card portfolios or by mergers.
Postcards are so different from greeting cards,'' said Marianne McDermott, executive vice president of the Greeting Card Association in Washington.
For forward-thinking molders, the good news about smart cards is that an increasing number of them will be injection molded from ABS, as opposed to the laminated PVC sheet that currently dominates plastic card manufacturing.
businesses are expanding rapidly the use of "corporate procurement cards" or "procurement cards" in purchasing goods and services for their own use and consumption Procurement card programs can be effective in reducing substantially the costs associated with such purchases when compared to traditional purchasing practices.
But don't tell that to Vivian and Edward Broom, owners of Detroit-based Broom Designs, one of the oldest black-owned greeting card companies still in business.
American Telephone and Telegraph Company has a Smart Card and System division.
A hybrid optical memory and integrated-chip smart card has recently been developed that offers the best of both features.