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CARDIACCoronary Artery Risk Detection in Appalachian Communities (West Virginia University; Morgantown, WV)
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In fact, it has been suggested that apoptosis plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of human diseases, including cardiac disorders (Haunstetter and Izumo 1998).
Cardiac Science develops and markets life-saving external cardiac defibrillator devices and proprietary software that monitors a patient's cardiac activity, instantly detects the onset of a life-threatening heart rhythm and automatically delivers defibrillation shocks within as little as 10 seconds and without human intervention to re-establish the heart's normal rhythm.
Any of several underlying heart ailments can lead to cardiac arrest, which occurs when an electrical disturbance in the heart sparks a rapid or chaotic heartbeat.
Arguments advanced for this lack of concern are that the average person with cardiac problems is too old to be concerned with sexual activity, or that persons with disabilities can not engage in secual intercourse or are not inclined to do so (Sidman, 1977).
These designations reflect our hospitals' strong clinical quality focus and commitment to providing high-quality cardiac care for our patients.
In making these announcements, Chairman and CEO Douglas Ball said, "The exclusive and unique human cardiac gene bank provides Spectral with an on-going advantage in securing a reliable commercial supply of specific cardiac proteins and antibodies.
Part of the problem is that we expect skeletal muscle to do things that we'd never expect cardiac muscle to do.
Acute Cardiac Markers: Acute cardiac markers are able to detect the extent of the heart condition as soon as possible so that the appropriate treatment can be applied.
An Evening with Larry King and Friends" will raise funds to support the partnership forged earlier this year between the LAC+USC Healthcare Network, COPE Health Solutions, the Los Angeles County division of the American Heart Association, and The Larry King Cardiac Foundation.
Cardiologists need tools that yield more detailed clinical information to better diagnose and care for the increasing number of cardiac patients of different body sizes that require treatment," said Brent Shafer, executive vice president and CEO, North America, for Philips Medical Systems.
Aided by the most advanced imaging technology available, including a 64-slice CT scanner and Cardiac MRI, PCC's goal is to diagnose cardiac disease in its earliest stages.