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CTHChalmers Tekniska Högskola (Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden)
CTHContract to Hire
CTHCounty Trunk Highway (Wisconsin)
CTHConfederación de Trabajadores de Honduras (Spanish: Confederation of Honduran Workers)
CTHCloser to Home
CTHCatalytic Transfer Hydrogenation
CTHCustoms Tariff Heading
CTHChurch-Turing Hypothesis (Artificial Intelligence)
CTHCentrale des Travailleurs Haitiens (French: Confederation of Haitian Workers, Haiti)
CTHConsolidated Transaction History
CTHCSQ to the Three-Halves
CTHChuckles to Him/Herself
CTHCyclo Tourisme Herbretais (French cycling club)
CTHClub Trégorrois Handisport (French sports club)
CTHCentre Technique de l'Habitat (French: Technical Centre for Housing)
CTHClub Triumph Holland (Dutch automobile club; Netherlands)
CTHCiel, la Terre et l'Homme (French: Heaven, Earth and Man; martial arts association)
CTHControlled Temperature and Humidity
CTHConfection Textile Hôtelier (French textile manufacturer)
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In addition to Dr Al Zamkan and Al Jassim, the cardiothoracic surgery team at the Dubai Hospital, included Dr Fayaz Mohammed Khazi, consultant cardiothoracic anesthetist and his team.
The department, which includes 15 consultants, senior specialists and specialists in cardiothoracic surgery, in addition to cardiac anaesthesiologists, regularly receives cases in critical condition.
Fellow cardiothoracic surgeon, Asif Hasan, said: "He himself is a giant in the field of cardiothoracic surgery and was responsible in establishing cardiopulmonary transplantation at Newcastle amongst numerous other innovative and pioneering techniques in the field of cardiothoracic surgery.
The composite of drainage-related complications that are detrimental to outcomes after cardiothoracic surgery and that may require early or late intervention to remediate is known as Retained Blood Syndrome.
STS is a broad-based membership society open to all cardiothoracic surgeons, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us in helping shape the future of our specialty," Bavaria said.
The SCHF is made up entirely of volunteers who meet regularly, chaired by Dr Adrian Davies, the retired consultant cardiologist who set up the cardiothoracic unit at James Cook.
The publication, published by the cardiothoracic surgery team, openly discusses operative complications in line with medical practice in Western developed countries, demonstrating the hospital's and the Corporation's commitment to perform thorough reviews of all medical care practices.
It functions by docking 5 arms which are then able to make precise movements required for complex cardiothoracic procedures.
Prior to joining Sparks at its cardiothoracic and vascular clinic in Fort Smith, Miller was chairman of the department of cardiothoracic surgery and cardiovascular services at SouthCrest Hospital of Tulsa, recently renamed Hillcrest Hospital South.
Philip was taken from Sandringham to the cardiothoracic unit at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, on Friday evening, where an "invasive procedure of coronary stenting" was performed.
Mankad, a neuroradiologist in the UK, and Hoey, a cardiothoracic radiologist in the UK, present a review guide for radiology candidates taking the UK's Final FRCR Part A exam that focuses on the core knowledge needed for each of its systems-based modules: the cardiothoracic and vascular system, musculoskeletal system and trauma, gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system, adrenal gland, obstetrics and gynecology and breast, pediatrics, and central nervous system and head and neck.