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CARPSCanon Advanced Raster Printing System (printer driver)
CARPSComputerized Alcohol-Related Problems Survey
CARPSComputer Aided Radio Personnel System (radio controlled task management system)
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The pike, eels, and carp eat greedily always, as everybody knows -- well, they feast on the vulture.
Ah, monsieur, I have not here, as I had there, the ponds of monsieur le prince, where I could catch those beautiful carp, nor the forests of his highness to provide me with partridges.
He shall manage my woods for me, for he seems to have a better notion of those things than any man I ever met with; and I know he would make twice the money of them that my grandfather does, with that miserable old Satchell to manage, who understands no more about timber than an old carp.