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CXRChest X-Ray
CXRChristmas Island (ISO Country code)
CXRConventional X-Ray
CXRCoherent X-Radiation
CXRCharacteristic X-Radiation
References in classic literature ?
Pierre Carrier was very dark; this skull was his, and this felt hat.
The carrier, no doubt," I thought, and ran downstairs without inquiry.
Someone sent her a freshly- discovered dove, a sort of carrier, but which had in the white feathers of its head and neck the form of a religious cowl.
She gave him brief particulars; and responding to further inquiries told him that she was intending to go back by the same carrier who had brought her.
The carrier did; so did the grocer, the baker, the butcher, the gardener, the postman, the policeman, and the fishmonger.
We were still looking at it, when the local carrier, who had just stopped at the inn, came to the door of the room with a pot of beer in his hand, and he also looked at the fish.
An attendant closed the lid, which locked with a little click, and the carrier continued its slow way.
Larcher, the eminent carrier, who had just come in.
Oh Mother Nature, give thy children the true poetry of heart that hid itself in this poor Carrier's breast--he was but a Carrier by the way--and we can bear to have them talking prose, and leading lives of prose; and bear to bless thee for their company!
Not I, most worthy sir," cried the carrier, shrinking away from the fierce eyes of the bowman.
Further, I took the civil service examinations for mail carrier and passed first.
Very similar is his reference to seasons through what happens or is done in that season: `when the House- carrier, fleeing the Pleiades, climbs up the plants from the earth', is the season for harvesting; or `when the artichoke flowers and the clicking grass-hopper, seated in a tree, pours down his shrill song', is the time for rest.