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Budget carryover occurs when FRC work has been ordered and funded by military customers but has not been completed by the end of the fiscal year in which the work was slated to be performed.
Charitable contribution carryover (for regular tax and AMT purposes) = $450,000
To prevent adsorption and minimize carryover of sample substances, the internal surfaces of the glass barrel have been smoothed by a special inorganic coating.
For example, if a taxpayer ceases operations in a state, it may need to fully reserve the deferred tax asset attributable to the NOL carryover in that state.
The proxy for population-level effects would be the net effect of the contaminant at some point near reproductive age, where the net effect is defined as the sum of exposure effects, carryover effects, and density-mediated compensation (Figure 1).
It's impossible to advertise such a carryover in time, so no-one would know about it.
If the FB goes away, Sam will eye the TB - a carryover from our split-back read.
Avoid the carryover of excess stucco material into the slurry tank.
On June 21, 1989, the Tax Court agreed with the Internal Revenue Service on an important issue involving the carryover of investment interest and sided with the taxpayer on another vital issue.
4 million, through the use of a capital loss carryover, the tax benefit of which was previously unrecorded.
170A-10(a) (2), the carryover provisions apply to contributions in excess of the limitations even though the taxpayer takes the standard deduction instead of itemizing.
Flores completed a stakes double when he rode Citronnade to victory in the San Gorgonio Handicap, helping to produce a huge pick-six carryover.