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The heart of the manual is Chapter 4, which compares the Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) Format for Bibliographic Data fields that describe cartographic resources to the RDA guidelines for recording descriptive element information.
The author uses the map as an introduction to cartographic design practices.
1) Automatic production of high-quality and up-to-date cartographic vector data from reference geodata;
In order to make cartographic images readable, easily perceptible and easily assimilated, the compilation of maps should be based on certain rules and principles.
The new version of GeoMedia Map Publisher includes many important features that increase the ease of use of the product and decrease the time and effort required to create mission-critical cartographic mapping products.
Here, Heydenreich is interested in imperfections and inconsistencies of the kind represented by the divergence of "magnetic north" (the naturally vacillating point in the earth's magnetic field that attracts the compass's needle) from "true north" (an artificially stable cartographic approximation).
Historic Maps of Armenia The Cartographic Heritage By Rouben Galichian published by IB TAURIS ISBN 1 86064 979 3 price 49.
Collected information is stored in a single database with cartographic capabilities.
Reviewing postcolonial studies of colonial cartography, it argues that the transacted, interdiscursive quality of the colonial map, whilst invisible in the cartographic text itself, is revealed strikingly in the narrative accounts of the Great Arc Survey.
of Portland, ME, has produced a run of its summer ale to support an international cartographic conference.
However, because the cartographic symbols used by each group varied widely, confusion arose between the two cultures.
A project that uses the Web to track freight shipments and the factors that influence them, by MTMC's Transportation Engineering Agency, has won a cartographic honor.