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CASHComprehensive Assessment of Symptoms and History
CASHCelestial Asia Securities Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong)
CASHCampus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (club)
CASHCruciform Anterior Spinal Hyperextension (orthotic)
CASHCross-Aft Shroud Harness
CASHCorps Area Support Hospital
CASHCampaign Against Student Hardship :-)
CASHCharitable Association Supplying Hospitals (UK)
CASHCurrency And Securities Handlers
CASHCIGSS Acquisition Standards Handbook
CASHCatalog of Available and Standard Hardware
CASHColonial American Short Horse
CASHCorrosion, Attrition, Solution Hydraulic Action (river erosion types)
CASHConsensus Action on Salt and Health (UK)
CASHContraception and Sexual Health (UK)
CASHCoalition for Adequate School Housing (California)
CASHCompagnie d'Assurances des Hydrocarbures (French; Algerian insurance company)
CASHCentre d'Accueil et de Soins Hospitaliers (French: Welcome Center and Hospital Care)
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We arrogantly determined that discounted cash flow didn't make any sense in valuing a company in this new world.
Favorite Cash songs: ``I loved it when he did 'Hurt.
Reducing risk is one of the top priorities for Latin America's cash and treasury managers facing a challenging economic climate.
Project cash flow by converting sales forecasts into monthly cash receipts and entering expected monthly disbursements.
The investment method is not as conservative as the cash surrender value method in recognizing a loss at acquisition.
Cash remains a vital component of the nation's payment system.
It charges nothing to cash patrons' checks and sells money orders, lottery tickets, prepaid phone cards, and Western Union wire transfers.
In each of the four states, a fixed number of Medicaid-eligible individuals with long-term functional disabilities will be recruited to participate in the Cash and Counseling Demonstration.
The IRS's position appears to be that the "substantial identity of results" test permits the Service to disallow the use of the cash method (even for a service provider), if the taxpayer's cash method of accounting produces taxable income that deviates too far from the amount of income that would have been reported under the accrual method of accounting preferred by the IRS.
CASH FLOW DATA CAN be particularly helpful in predicting bankruptcy and financial distress.
However, unless the employee reported as income, for the year the split-dollar arrangement was established, the FMV of the right to receive the future excess cash surrender value of the life insurance policy (less any amount paid for such right), he may have understated his income tax Liability for that year.
I Estimate monthly cash inflows from sales based on your historical collection period.