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As a result, security guard Zafar died on the spot while cashier Anees and another guard Haji Mahmood received bullet injuries.
But judge Phillip Wassall told Stewart: "You have to consider it from the position of the cashier.
At interview, he said: "I was not nasty to the cashier.
On each occasion the cashier has reported that during the transaction while changing the notes, the "customers" change their mind and cause confusion, resulting in the cashier handing back a lot more money than they initially were exchanging.
I told him not to be defensive as it is not going to help, instead accept the mistake and go and rectify the situation by informing all cashiers about promotions.
Upon being told by the cashier that he was closed, he stood there refusing to move and both the men started talking in Arabic.
We can't hold up the California convertible image in evidence (nor can we reliably say how good such an experience would be, it's just plain conjecture) but next Friday night, when Belsonic is in full swing, the glorious sounds of Cashier No9 will definitely ring and resonate over cobbles and through the courtyards of this five-piece's native city.
The employee then handed over pounds 320 in pounds 10 notes, while at the same time the second 'customer' distracted the cashier with a question about a football coupon.
Summary: JEDDAH: The few women in Jeddah working as cashiers are still doing so, but they fear that government ambivalence to the idea of women working in the service industry won't protect them from being fired without notice due to their employers succumbing to social pressure, especially considering an official fatwa last year condemning any job where a woman might interact with a male customer, coworker or manager.
It is thought the Midlands Co-op in Meriden, near Solihull, was targeted because the cashier was a woman and the thief thought it was an easy target.
Progression to senior bank cashier may follow, where duties may include supervising branch assistants, helping customers complete loan and mortgage applications, authorising loans or working in the foreign exchange section.