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CATCALLCompletely Automated Technique for Cataloguing and Acquisition of Literature for Libraries
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The SP chief believes women are only meant for catcalls," said Moiz Fatima, a Congress worker.
Turner is well aware that Pools fans are fed up after receiving catcalls from the terraces and can understand their angst, but he has stressed since pre-season that it will take time for his new-look team to gel.
Harvard University basketball's starting point guard Jeremy Lin has faced the stereotypical catcalls of "too skinny," "too short" and "go play violin like the rest of your people," despite the fact that he led his high school team to a state title and is Harvard's top scorer.
Perhaps they were Tottenham or Arsenal fans allowing their club allegiances to spill over into the international arena, but the Chelsea defender did not deserve the catcalls for his error which led to Kazakhstan's goal.
Against the background of a cacophony of Catalan catcalls, Ronaldo's customary pre-penalty gunslinger stance appeared as confident as ever.
There were the oft-televised orchestrated shouting matches, catcalls and threats by disgruntled Clintonistas (Fuller Clark, Portsmouth Democrat, charitably dismisses, the anger: There s a lot of pain out there").
But he shrugged off catcalls from Boro fans to play his part in Villa's third goal when his clearance fell for Gabriel Agbonlahor to fire home.
Four firefighters have filed a complaint with the state of California, claiming they were forced to take part in the parade and were subjected to taunts and catcalls.
The catcalls fans give opposition players who are just too bloody good.
Consequently, throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Catholic Sisters stood apart, and paid the consequences in Protestant areas of Europe with insults, catcalls or even had stones thrown at them.
After 30 minutes of Liverpool impressionist Lesley Gibson's dated comedy, there was a lengthy wait, which the impatient crowd filled with slow-handclaps and catcalls, before the 62-year-old soul diva hit the stage at 8.
Only two in 10 are women, but their catcalls are as rough and fierce as any.