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This report provides you with a breakdown of market data including data on establishments by hotel category, rooms by hotel category, room occupancy rate by hotel category, rooms nights available by hotel category, rooms nights occupied by hotel category, revenue per available room by hotel category, revenue per occupied room by hotel category, total revenue per available room, total room revenue by hotel category and customer type, total non room revenue by hotel category and customer type, total revenue by hotel category and customer type and guests by hotel category and customer type.
For the 16th year, PG's Category Captains awards honor the savviest suppliers for their acumen in the realm of category management.
Colton Schwartz, a seventh-grader at Placerita Junior High and first-place winner in the seventh- and eighth-grade essay category, wrote about how he deals with being different because he has muscular dystrophy.
The Packer Collegiate Institute in the Education category (Brooklyn Heights).
One cannot fulfill all the expectations or levels of accomplishments identified by theorists in each category.
For example, the essay topic for the first week was "[W]ould you place Rauls and Nozick in the 'corrective justice' category or the 'distributive justice' category?
Despite this movement of the Pfizer brand, the category continues to have a homogenous brand perception among producers.
This category also includes claims (38) on, or guaranteed by, a qualifying securities firm incorporated in the United States or other member of the OECD-based group of countries (39) provided that: the qualifying securities firm has a long-term issuer credit rating, or a rating on at least one issue of long-term debt, in one of the three highest investment grade rating categories from a nationally recognized statistical rating organization; or the claim is guaranteed by the firm's parent company and the parent company has such a rating.
A taxpayer may identify the category from which the shares to be sold or transferred originate; the fund's share agent or custodian must confirm this determination in writing.
Winners were selected for eight of the categories--there were no entries in the aluminum squeeze/semi-solid category.
Category A designs are those in which flow through the sprues will have more effect on mold filling time than flow through the transfer pot.
Next, as a check on consistency of sorting, these written descriptions of each category were used as guidelines by two independent raters to assign the 340 responses to the 12 categories.