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In the 1970s and early 1980s, viruses were considered as possible causative agents.
An example of a curative causative sentence is given in (1); the subject argument of the root verb (tyomiehet 'workmen') is expressed as the adessive adjunct:
We have used method of indirect indication of the infection by the presence in the blood of the patients' antigen-connected lymphocytes (ACL) which react with the antigens of the bacterial causative agents of the disease.
The role of dative/accusative ko is also different in causative constructions.
Our team has long been involved in the detection of cause and effect relationships between presumed causative factors and cancer, in particular, concerning the relative role of inherited predisposition and environmental factors, the relative impact of intrinsic toxicity or carcinogenicity, and the role of host susceptibility and response (Cetta et al.
The father provides the child with the form directly, the correct lexical causative form fukuramasite (blow up)), but it is not successful.
Finally, the researchers point out that despite "considerable evidence" that bacterial vaginosis can be sexually transmitted between women and a substantial likelihood that it develops in similar ways in heterosexual partners, definitive proof that bacterial vaginosis is sexually transmitted will ultimately require identification of a specific causative factor.
Alexander states this creed most succinctly as follows: the wholeness, defined as the pattern of centres in some part of space, is not only the underlying causative structure in matters of architecture and art--but even the behaviour of sub-atomic particles, electrons, is also governed by this wholeness.
Yet, several physicians groups repeatedly refer to guns as a public health menace and link guns as a causative factor in violence.
It goes without saying that it is also possible that low glutathione is correlated with, but not causative of, autism.