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CECACommunauté Européenne du Charbon et de l'Acier (French)
CECAComunità Europea del Carbone e Dell'Acciaio (EU Italian)
CECAConfederacion Española de Cajas de Ahorros (Spanish Association of Saving Banks)
CECAComunidade Europeia do Carvão e do Aço (Portugal)
CECACivil Engineering Contractors Association (UK)
CECAConsumer Energy Council of America
CECACommittee for Education and Cultural Action
CECAConnecticut Educators Computer Association
CECACanadian Electrical Contractors Association
CECACanadian Elevator Contractors Association
CECACommission Européenne du Charbon et de l'Acier (French: European Coal and Steel Commission)
CECACiclo de Exposiciones y Conferencias sobre Acústica (Mexico City, Mexico)
CECACultures d'Enseignement/Cultures d'Apprentissage (French: Teaching Cultures/Learning Cultures)
CECAConsulting Estimating Claims Arbitration
CECACause-Effect Chain Analysis
CECAConstructionman Apprentice, Construction Electrician Striker (Naval Rating)
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Equally or even more puzzling is the neglect in Privilege and Prejudice of the degree to which the leadership of the Southeast Asian universities with which Wharton, the CECA and the ADC worked shared the vision that he and these organizations brought to their cooperation with those universities.
Louisa Hoberman analizo como los oficiales de la ceca adquirian sus cargos de por vida desde fines del siglo XVI y durante las primeras decadas del XVII.
El bloque final de esta obra, al que corresponden los dos ultimos capitulos, explora cuestiones tan controvertidas como la datacion y funcion de la ceca.
Pooled cecal samples (20 ceca from each flock) were taken from the 30 flocks slaughtered at all 3 broiler slaughterhouses in Iceland in June 2008.
Brian Frost, director of Bridg north-based CECA (Midlands), said: "We have been impressed by the impetus that has developed behind West Midlands Business Council and we are confident that by being part of it we can greatly benefit.
Since they handle confidential corporate information, however, the CECA wanted a more rigorous system for ensuring security.
Finalmente se dan a publicidad noticias particulares sobre los entresijos de esta ceca que nos ha permitido tipificarla como de marginal, por las diversas caracteristicas privativas que rodearon su funcionamiento.
Peristalsis moves food material through the small intestine and, in fish, the pyloric ceca.
For ceca cut open unsubmerged, stain was pipetted directly onto the body.
Hoppenstedt, President of the German savings banks association DSGV, Juan Ramon Quintas, President of the Spanish savings banks association CECA, Carl Eric Stalberg, Executive Chairman of Sweden's Forenings Sparbanken (Swedbank) and Sandro Molinari, a high representative of the Italian savings banks association ACRI.
Arkan would have been proud of her and Ceca is now in full flow: "That talk of Dando is an insult.
But the amount of bacteria in the crop is also significant because it ruptures 86 times more often than the ceca during processing.