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CENTOCentral Treaty Organization
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Aside from the hand-held computers used by FedEx employees, Cento said the company introduced mobile tracking access to customers in Latin America about two years ago, so clients can follow their shipments from anywhere on their mobile devices, and in their local language.
As a genre of poetry composed entirely of quotations from other poems, the cento makes an interesting study for Romanticism and copyright: it flies in the face of Romantic tradition, it shows how copyright conditions the possibilities of cultural production, and it points up the contradiction between the cultural-legal hegemony of originality and the material processes of appropriation-based production.
b) educational interventions to address identified by the Social Services child living in the municipalities of Cento, Bondeno, St.
A tenant has the ability to have their space customized by ownership who is offering a turnkey program in order to eliminate any angst a tenant may have with the construction process," said Cento.
The strong leasing activity at 75 Broad Street reflects ownership's commitment to offering high-quality space with great value in a building that has just undergone a major capital improvement program to enhance its amenities," said Cento.
This operation in Brazil allows using the proven design of the Cento product in a new market and providing the local presence necessary to support that market.
Cushman & Wakefield, led by Frank Cento, represented JEMB Realty in the deals The firm was appointed exclusive leasing agent on the building in 2005.
Tel: 4651234)Film Screenings:*Al-Hussein Cultural Center/ Ras el-Ain: Marco Tullio Giordana's I Cento Passi (One Hundred Steps), Mar.
The prime Lower Manhattan location, attractive lobby and modern amenities are what attract and retain top corporate and commercial users at 75 Broad Street," said Frank Cento of Cushman & Wakefield, who represented ownership in eight of the 10 new deals.
So Halesowen-based Quatro Cento was appointed to remove three safes and a vault, some of which had been in place for 150 years, to enable Myers Leisure, of Birmingham, to have a working kitchen area of nearly 100 sq m.
FedEx Latin America chief Juan Cento has said the company will continue to seek similar deals throughout the region.
It consisted of four extremely large installation pieces executed between 1993 and 1994, including: Oeuvre postale (Mail piece), a series of 500 envelopes and stamps, and Alternando da uno a cento e viceversa (Alternating from one to a hundred and vice versa), fifty kilims, fabricated by Boetti in Peshawar, India, whose black-and-white-checked designs are generated by a numerical system capable of infinite compositional variations.