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About Centrifugal Stories: Centrifugal Stories is a team of artists from around the world working on graphic novels.
The Global Centrifugal Air Compressor Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the centrifutgal air compressor industry.
A line-off ceremony was held in timing with completion of the first centrifugal chiller unit, a model AART-70R with a capacity of 700-900 USRt.
During the tour of MetalTek's Wisconsin Centrifugal site, the group saw vertical and horizontal centrifugal casting in action along with a unique melting process using AOD.
Centrifugal dryers for high capacity resin production
Figure 2 shows the design of a centrifugal machine with the vertical axis of rotation which can be used in the centrifugal electroslag casting system.
The magnitude of the centrifugal force is regarded as of major importance in this process, as it causes segregation caused by the difference between the densities of the particle and matrix.
Also, in problems where appear plates and bars having rotation motion, the centrifugal moments are necessary when it is applied the theorem of the angular momentum.
Cameron has published a brochure focusing on the expansion of its centrifugal compressor aftermarket solutions to include compressors not manufactured by Cameron.
Circulation of liquid through the centrifugal pump and SPA circuit allows high-performance centrifugal pumps to be primed faster and to greater lift suction than positive displacement diaphragm pumps.
Innovative stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pumps in a range of key specifications have been announced by Wright Flow Technologies, formerly Johnson Pump (UK) Ltd.
The CFC-2 Fraction Collector employs patented centrifugal technology that captures non-volatile materials entrained in the eluent stream from any SFC system.