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CENTCentum (relating to an Indo-European language pronunciation)
CENTCorrespondence and Equivalence for Nonmonotonic Theories (workshop)
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The drama of evil and sin has been much with us this past century and, after examining some of its manifestations, I will attempt to draw out some lessons that might indicate the ways of Providence in all this.
Next year, 20th Century Industries, a Woodland Hills auto insurer, ``very likely'' will change its name to 21st Century, said spokesman Rick Dinon.
At Century, we strive to offer our clients volume discounts by purchasing the bulk from vendors whenever possible.
Provides historical and forecast oil production together with information on location, status, reserves, equity partners and operator of the oil and gas fields of Century Energy Ltd.
Explanations for a big phenomenon like the two and a half century war considered here are generally of two main kinds: one posits the convergence of many small causes, the other looks for one big cause.
The chapter on elementary Latin grammar makes the argument that considerable grammatical change occurred in Italy in the thirteenth century through French influence, but thereafter the grammatical tradition remained unchanged through the fifteenth century.
The duality of ancient Egypt, as a land of the bad (slave drivers and moral turpitude) as well as of the admirable (monuments and empire), would continue to bother Afrocentrists throughout the nineteenth century.
3) Historian Robert Close noted that "most of the leading churches of the twentieth century follow amillennial eschatology.
The change of the century calls into question everything about a brand or company image,'' said Carl Gustin, senior vice president at Kodak.
Once users understand what it might take to achieve their goal, they can choose from two fund-of-fund asset allocation products: LIVESTRONG[TM] Portfolios from American Century and One Choice Portfolios.
Cacao was traditionally served with foam on it, and sixteenth century publications describe the technique of pouring between vessels to create the foam.
By the mid-18th century, however, a significant aesthetic change had occurred.