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CERCICooperativa Para A Educação E Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas (Portugese: Cooperative for the Education and Rehabilitation of Children with Learnig Disabilities; Portugal)
CERCICentro Especial de Reabilitação de Crianças Inadaptadas (Portugal)
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Ovipositor (Figure 10) elongate, protrusible, about 11 times length of seventh tergite (ovipositor measured from anterior margin of 8th tergite to end); cerci fused, elongate-ovoid, about 2.
corollae Faricius, epandrium small, pair of cerci bean shape attached with epandrium, pair surstyli short triangular, hypandrium apically slightly narrowed; aedeagus tubular shape, two short rounded teeth attach on posterior end
Prandelli attempted to stir things up by adding Cassano, Lorenzo Insigne and Alessio Cerci in the second half, providing the Azzurri with four forwards instead of just Balotelli, but the 2006 winners rarely came close to equalizing.
Immobile forged a potent attacking partnership with Alessio Cerci at Torino, with his team-mate notching 13 goals and setting up 11 others in Serie A.
In the wake of a barren run, Ventura boldly fielded Riccardo Meggiorini and Paulo Barreto instead of Alessio Cerci and Ciro Immobile.
The incidence of malignancy in various studies has been reported to be -10% by C Cerci et al in 2007 (4); 8 % by S.
1H-G) elongated, surpassing the end of cerci in lateral view, terminating into two truncated lobes, which separated by a deep V-shaped median notch and depressed medially; cerci (Fig.
El proctigero y la papila anal salen hacia atras desde la cuticula membranosa situada entre los cerci, para formar el fin de la terminalia.
However, Torino hit back in the 63rd minute through striker Alessio Cerci, whose eighth league goal this season, the second best behind Fiorentina's Giuseppe Rossi, moved his team up to 12th place, the report further said.