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CEREComparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering (IEEE workshop)
CERECentre d'Étude et de Recherche en Environnement (French: Environmental Research and Study Center; University of Conakry; Guinea)
CERECenter for Ecological Research and Education (Idaho State University; Pocatello, ID)
CERECentre for Environmental Research and Education (est. 2002; Mumbai, India)
CERECombat Employment Readiness Exercise
CERECorps of Engineers Directorate of Real Estate
CERECombat Effectiveness Readiness Exercise
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Roman Merger Sub Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O'Lakes, commenced a tender offer for all the outstanding shares of Ceres common stock at a price of USD0.
23 May 2011 - Barclays (LON:BARC) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) have been hired underwriters of US energy crops developer Ceres Inc's IPO, Reuters reported.
Cere concluded, "Neuhaus' bold challenge stands firmly on the social justice side of John Paul II in Centesimus annus.
This palace, in which she was then living, was located between the Fountain of Trevi and Santa Maria in Via, and had been left to her by her uncle, Lelio da Cere (fig.
Prior to Ceres, Dr De Logi served as the chief executive officer of Plant Genetic Systems .
Ceres looked like a pinpoint of light similar to a star," according to the video.
If victorious, Ceres will take on Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian also away in the final playoff.
It all came together in the final minute of stoppage time for Ceres as Schrock weaved his magic in ghosting into the area before finally outwitting the stubborn Kaya defense.
Dawn continued to photograph Ceres occasionally prior to its graceful entry into orbit on March 6, 2015, using the gentle thrust of an ion engine.
Dawn scientists also have released an image of Ceres that approximates how the dwarf planet's colors would appear to the human eye.
The price per share of common stock represents an 81% premium to the closing price of Ceres shares of common stock on 16 June 2016.
The second study suggests the detection of ammonia-rich clays, raising questions about how Ceres formed.