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CERIUMCentre d'Études et de Recherches Internationales de l'Université de Montréal (French: Centre for International Studies and Research at the University of Montreal; Canada)
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12) have shown that the corrosion rate of galvanized steel treated by immersion in cerium nitrate solution is reduced by the solution's effect on the anodic and cathodic reactions.
So the ability of cerium oxide to shut this process down "was the most significant new finding"--and the most troubling.
The study indicates the presence of actinide based archaea with an alternate actinide based enzymes or metalloenzymes in the system as indicated by cerium induced increase in enzyme activities [16].
There was a surge in colorimetry practitioners last year following a series of lectures organised on behalf of the International Institute of Colorimetry, based in London and sponsored by Cerium.
Furthermore, the market price of cerium oxide has increased to approximately US$50 per kilogram at present.
Having been the subject of hot debate in the run up to the race - certain trainers felt, as his handicap rating was so low, that he shouldn't have been anywhere near Aintree - Cerium fractured his skull halfway around the marathon trip.
To make the situation worse, Cerium lost out in a ballot between himself and 2007 winner Silver Birch, who are both officially rated 133, which means Silver Birch is currently 41st on the list and Cerium is 42nd.
The corrosion rates before and after surface conversion to a chromium or cerium oxide, respectively, were measured by a direct current (DC) polarization.
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Mineral products covered by these unlimited quotas, which can be filled by any non-EU exporter include certain rare-earth concentrates; alloys of rare-earths and cerium (containing 47% or more cerium); alloys of rare-earths and lanthanum (containing 43% or more lanthanum; zirconium (IV) basic carbonate); calcined bauxite (refractory grade); quartz plate (or glass plate) covered with chromium film and a photosensitive or electro-sensitive resin; calcium sodium phosphate for animal feed additives; povidone (INN)-iodine; antimony ingots; lithium hypochlorite; lithium tantalate wafers; water suspended colloidal graphite; manganese (II,III) oxide containing 70% plus of manganese; and many more.
The Asian behemoth now supplies approximately 95 percent of the world's consumption of "rare earths," such as cerium, neodymium, lathanum, yttrium, and dysprosium.