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C PSYCH (ONT)Certified (Registered) Psychologist in Ontario
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Holy is the wife; revered the mother; galliptious is the summer girl--but the bride is the certified check among the wedding presents that the gods send in when man is married to mortality.
I have before possessed you with the contents of your father's will, I think it right at this time to leave a certified copy of it in your hands.
Respecting the other certified copy, your wish shall be complied with.
I must refer you to the Registrar of the District in which the humble dwelling was situated, for the certified cause of death; but early sorrow and anxiety may have had to do with it, though they may not appear in the ruled pages and printed forms.
PENTAX is an innovator, as evidenced by their decision to release the world's first ever DivX Certified digital camera two years ago," said Kevin Hell, CXO, Partners and Licensing at DivX, Inc.
Proving Coexistence and Compatibility in Small Form-Factor, Staccato's SC3224R Design Enables Bluetooth and Certified Wireless USB Technologies to Work Simultaneously on a Single Mini Card
SC3226R Wireless USB SDIO Card -- The SC3226R is a reference design, based on Certified Wireless USB, in an SDIO Card form factor.
The program is a benefit extended to companies that wish to achieve certification and to license and use the branded Certified Wireless USB logo.
Before being certified as well-managed by SCS in 1993, Maine's Seven Islands Land Company, which manages the largest certified forest in the U.
Gray Davis have helped boost the number of certified teachers in California.
At its 1992 Annual Convention and Trade Exposition, NAR's Board of Directors approved an amendment to the association's policy to permit licensed and certified appraisers to qualify for Realtor membership, and thereby become eligible to participate in a board's Multiple Listing Service.
Based on the criteria established and the results of the evaluation, the timber will or will not be certified as coming from a "sustainably managed" or "well managed" source.
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