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CHALLENGERLoral Omnidirectional I/R Jammer. UK Main Battle Tank
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For example, when the regular dueling-day of one of the corps approaches, its president calls for volunteers from among the membership to offer battle; three or more respond--but there must not be less than three; the president lays their names before the other presidents, with the request that they furnish antagonists for these challengers from among their corps.
My decision, therefore, is that the fat challenger prune, peel, thin, trim and correct himself, and take eleven stone of his flesh off his body, here or there, as he pleases, and as suits him best; and being in this way reduced to nine stone weight, he will make himself equal and even with nine stone of his opponent, and they will be able to run on equal terms.
It so happens that it was to visit Professor Challenger at Rotherfield that I was asking for leave of absence.
Anyhow, it's good enough for you to interview Challenger upon.
Friend Challenger is a clever man," said he with great vehemence.
You had a scrap once before with old man Challenger," said he sternly, "and you were down and out inside ten seconds.
grass when you get near Challenger, for this young fellah and I have a bit of a weakness for the old dear.
Challenger has filled you with his nonsense and you are both incapable of reason.
Lord John was still struggling with his buffalo story, so far as I could make out, while once again I heard, as of old, the deep rumble of Challenger and the insistent accents of Summerlee as their brains locked in high and fierce scientific debate.
Challenger, a small, dainty, smiling figure, stood in the open doorway to welcome us.
Well, my dear," said Challenger, bustling out of the car, "here are our visitors.
It enables me to concentrate my attention upon my incomparable wife," said Challenger, passing his short, thick arm round her waist.