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CHGSCenter for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
CHGSCroft House Grant Scheme (Scotland, UK)
CHGSCenter for Human Genome Studies
CHGSCountry Heights Grower Scheme (Selangor, Malaysia; palm oil)
CHGSCarriage House Gardens (Citrus Heights, CA)
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and voted himself into the charge of the wine-cellar, which he constructed, being an ingenious beast, in the hollow trunk of a tree.
I asked her if my guardian had any charge of her while she remained here?
and I charge ye, on peril of your lives, not to stir from the place where ye stand, until I have returned.
But the wire chiefs of the Bell telephone have charge of as much wire as would make TWO HUNDRED MILLION CLOTHES-LINES--ten apiece to every family in the United States; and these lines are not punctuated with clothespins, but with the most delicate of electrical instruments.
they do not know, and cannot tell; but in order that they may not appear to be at a loss, they repeat the ready-made charges which are used against all philosophers about teaching things up in the clouds and under the earth, and having no gods, and making the worse appear the better cause; for they do not like to confess that their pretence of knowledge has been detected-- which is the truth; and as they are numerous and ambitious and energetic, and are drawn up in battle array and have persuasive tongues, they have filled your ears with their loud and inveterate calumnies.
When the judges were seated, the lawyers had taken possession of the table, and the noise of moving feet had ceased in the area, the proclamations were made in the usual form, the jurors were sworn, the charge was given, and the court proceeded to hear the business before them.
Have we returned to the times when Cromwell sent us bullies in the guise of charges d'affaires?
Nay, there are some other, that account wife and children, but as bills of charges.
He wondered if she knew how Tarzan felt toward her and then he himself began to speculate upon the truth of the ape-man's charges.
Upon the ground," said the Attorney, "that after paying all fees and expenses of litigation and all charges against the estate there will still be something left.
I should like to conclude the chapter with the above appeal, but cannot, owing to my anxiety to repel a charge often made against whalemen, and which, in the estimation of some already biased minds, might be considered as indirectly substantiated by what has been said of the Frenchman's two whales.
I had such perfect trust in him that while he was guiding me I was ready to charge up to the very cannon's mouth.