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CHaRMCenter for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (Boulder, CO)
CHARMChemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management
CHaRMCentre for Hazard and Risk Management (Loughborough University)
CHARMCoupled Hydrosphere-Atmosphere Research Model
CHARMCandesartan in Heart Failure assessment of Mortality and Morbidity (drug trial)
CHARMCordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management (Philippines Department of Agriculture project)
CHARMCat Help and Rescue Movement
CHARMComplex Hazardous Air Release Model
CHARMComposite High Altitude Radiation Model
CHARMCollegians Helping Aid Rescue Missions (Pennsylvania State University)
CHARMConsumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgage
CHARMChief, Host Aviation Resource Management (USAF)
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It went with me on my sea-shore walks and rambles into the country, whenever -- which was seldom and reluctantly -- I bestirred myself to seek that invigorating charm of Nature which used to give me such freshness and activity of thought, the moment that I stepped across the threshold of the Old Manse.
It is true that there is always a faint foreign fragrance about her speech, no matter what language she is talking, but it is only just noticeable, nothing more, and is rather a charm than a mar, I think.
Such a sort of thing had not been known since the Wise Woman at Tarley died; and she had charms as well as "stuff": everybody went to her when their children had fits.
To this Don Quixote replied, "Seeing that this affair has a certain colour of chivalry about it, I for my part, brother, will hear you most gladly, and so will all these gentlemen, from the high intelligence they possess and their love of curious novelties that interest, charm, and entertain the mind, as I feel quite sure your story will do.
Her ebony brows have the form and charm of the bow of Kama, the god of love, and beneath her long silken lashes the purest reflections and a celestial light swim, as in the sacred lakes of Himalaya, in the black pupils of her great clear eyes.
It appeared to her that the sounds spread to a distance beneath the vaulted roofs, and carried with them a magic charm to soften the hearts of her jailers.
But I would ask thy Holy One - stand aside, rogue - a charm against most lamentable windy colics that in mango-time overtake my daughter's eldest.
Then she noticed Dorothy's Golden Cap, and said, "Why don't you use the charm of the Cap, and call the Winged Monkeys to you?
There was a peculiar charm in his manner, a mingling of gravity and kindliness, which was infinitely attractive.
The long story of "Their Majesties' Servants," treated thus, becomes from age to age an agreeable addition to those personal memoirs--Evelyn's, and the like--which bring the influence and charm of a visible countenance to the dry tenour of ordinary history, and the critic's work upon it naturally becomes, in the first place, a mere gathering of some of the flowers which lie so abundantly scattered here and there.
The charm you need is a needle and thread," said the Shaggy Man.
You charm me, you overwhelm me, you touch me to the heart.