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CHATSCommunity Home Assistance to Seniors (Ontario, Canada)
CHATSCharleston Area Transportation Study (South Carolina)
CHATSClearing House Automated Transfer System
CHATSCI/HUMINT (Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence) Automated Tool Set
CHATSChild Care Automated Tracking System (Colorado)
CHATSComposable High Assurance Trusted System (DARPA)
CHATSCounterintelligence/HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Analysis Tool Set (US DoD)
CHATSCase Handling and Tracking System
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com/en-US/article/group-chat) apply to group chats as direct chats for the most part.
Open Chats can be created by pressing on the floating '+' button on the Chats tab and selecting 'Open Chat.
com's attractions is our varied chats, which are staffed by trained volunteer hosts.
Major companies and schools have Web sites and routinely distribute information and schedules on the World Wide Web dancers on tour routinely use e-mail to keep in touch with friends; dance lovers enjoy spirited debates in newsgroup bull sessions and in chat rooms.
Here are two sites where you can chat with kids around the world although most of them seem to be in the U.