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CKSCenter for Korean Studies (UC Berkeley)
CKSChrist the King School (various locations)
CKSCenter for Knowledge Societies
CKSCarajas, Para, Brazil - International / Brasilia Brazil (Airport Code)
CKSCrankshaft Sensor (automotive)
CKSChallenges of the Knowledge Society (Bucharest, Romania)
CKSChristian Key Smashers (gaming clan)
CKSCommunity Kit for SharePoint (software)
CKSCave and Karst Studies (environmental science)
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A prouder young woman was seldom seen than she, when, having composed herself, she electrified the family by appearing before them with the letter in one hand, the check in the other, announcing that she had won the prize.
It was gingham, with checks of white and blue; and although the blue was somewhat faded with many washings, it was still a pretty frock.
Jobling is about to interrupt when the sagacious Smallweed checks him with a dry cough and the words, "Hem
In these checks and impossibilities however we find our advantage, not less than in the impulses.
He checks his impatience and kisses her, whilst the parlor-maid goes out].
On looking over the bank-book I found that the low state of the balance was principally due to large checks which have been made out during the last year to Mr.
Over her simple white lawn dress she wore an apron with pink and white checks, and in one hand she held a pair of scissors.
No, it was not snow that was falling, but checks of large denomination, the smallest not less than a thousand dollars.
Bears on natural selection -- The term used in a wide sense -- Geometrical powers of increase -- Rapid increase of naturalised animals and plants -- Nature of the checks to increase -- Competition universal -- Effects of climate -- Protection from the number of individuals -- Complex relations of all animals and plants throughout nature -- Struggle for life most severe between individuals and varieties of the same species; often severe between species of the same genus -- The relation of organism to organism the most important of all relations.
Yes, I sent Luke directly they'd put the bailies in, and your aunt Pullet's been--and, oh dear, oh dear, she cries so and says your father's disgraced my family and made it the talk o' the country; and she'll buy the spotted cloths for herself, because she's never had so many as she wanted o' that pattern, and they sha'n't go to strangers, but she's got more checks a'ready nor she can do with.
I have always been accustomed to check her, in this respect.
You sign this contract, which is exactly like all the others we use, and I'll hand over your check.