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CRBMCampagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale (Italian: Campaign for the Reform of the World Bank; est. 1996; Rome, Italy)
CRBMCustomer Relationship and Business Management
CRBMCentre de Recherches de Biochimie Macromoléculaire
CRBMComposite Rigid Body Method (robotics)
CRBMCentre de Recherche sur les Biotechnologies Marines (French: Marine Biotechnology Research Center; Canada)
CRBMCenter for Regenerative Biology and Medicine (est. 2001; Indiana University; Indianapolis, IN)
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Entities such as cherubism usually present at 2-3 years of age and spontaneously resolve after puberty.
But journalist Vikki Lucas, who has a rare genetic condition called cherubism, believes it's not her face she should change but society's attitude.
Plus,a woman with the rare genetic condition cherubism talks about why she refuses any treatment,and believes society should be less intolerant of those who simply look different.
The disorder is called cherubism because in the early stages the slightly enlarged jaw can give you that cute chubby appearance you sometimes see in classic paintings, and the bulging eyes add to the "eyes raised to heaven" look.
A rare variant of this entity called Cherubism is a familial form affecting children and adolescents and typically involving only the maxilla and mandible (2,15) .