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CHEWCommunity Health Extension Worker (Nigeria)
CHEWCenter for Health Education and Wellness (various locations)
CHEWCulinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin
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There are differences in salivary flow with stimulation of chewing pineapple (Ananascomocus) and papaya (Carica papaya), with chewing pineapple (Ananascomocus) can increase the salivary flow rate higher than chew papaya (Carica papaya).
Chews made from dried tendons offer what I consider to be the ideal chewy consistency, but can't be found in a large enough size to ensure that my large dog will be forced to chew them slowly, rather than swallow chunks that he could choke on.
Donald Chew also grew up in Chicago's Englewood community, is a product of Harvey, IL and is a graduate of Thornton Township high.
Over time, any chew toy softer than your dog's teeth will become worn down.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 13, 2015-Merial unveils Oravet dental hygiene chews for dogs in Boston, Massachusetts
I do tell my patients to chew gum for healthier teeth, but it's not a substitute for regularly visiting a dentist or brushing your teeth properly.
After Juilliard, Chew attended Harlem School of the Arts, Third Street Music School Settlement, and Mannes School of Music (now Marines College The New School for Music).
It's pretty clear that all of these animals chew, but the involvement of the tongue in chewing differs," said Nicolai Konow, a postdoctoral researcher at Brown and the lead author on the study, published in the journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology.
A survey conducted by the Al-Najat Foundation showed that about half of school students chew qat.
Studies have shown that somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of major league ballplayers chew tobacco.
7 g piece of Trident (Cadbury, Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil) (Sugar Free chewing gum) and were instructed to chew in their habitual manner.
Dogs that experience separation anxiety are prone to destructive chewing on furniture, walls and doorframes, or even attempting to chew their way out of crates.