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CHIEFCustoms Handling of Import and Export Freight (UK)
CHIEFClearinghouse for Inventories and Emissions Factors (EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards OAQPS)
CHIEFCombined Helmholtz Integral Equation Formulation
CHIEFCareer Helper Involved Enlisted Futures (USAF)
CHIEFComputer Help In Engineering Functions
CHIEFSinger Integrated EW Based Combat Vehicle
CHIEFCommunity and Hospital Information Exchange Forum (UK)
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The chief tragic event of the old man's life, so far as I could judge, was his mishap with a certain goose, which lived and died some twenty or forty years ago: a goose of most promising figure, but which, at table, proved so inveterately tough, that the carving-knife would make no impression on its carcase, and it could only be divided with an axe and handsaw.
This was the message of the chief of the Halakazi to Dingaan, king of the Zulus: That the maid who was named the Lily, was, indeed, the wonder of the earth, and as yet unwed; for she had found no man upon whom she looked with favour, and she was held in such love by this people that it was not their wish to force any husband on her.
The merchant was still pondering on this subject when he was summoned before the chief of police and questioned about his crime, which he could not deny.
Old Chief Justice Oliver threw on his red cloak, and placed his three- cornered hat on the top of his white wig.
As I looked down upon the meadow I saw the chief walking among his horses.
It is difficult to disconnect the idea of ships' anchors from the idea of the ship's chief mate - the man who sees them go down clear and come up sometimes foul; because not even the most unremitting care can always prevent a ship, swinging to winds and tide, from taking an awkward turn of the cable round stock or fluke.
Their chief subsistence is derived from the salmon and other fish which abound in the Columbia and its tributary streams, aided by roots and herbs, especially the wappatoo, which is found on the islands of the river.
Each chief in turn drew near and examined the sign by the dim light of the lamp, and without saying a word passed on to the other side.
On October 11, 1805, one of the infantry regiments that had just reached Braunau had halted half a mile from the town, waiting to be inspected by the commander in chief.
Every one kept away from him, even his Chief Steward Kaliko.
Come with me to my dwelling and I'll introduce you to my daughters," said the Chief.
From the chief he learned that Rokoff had passed up the river a week previous, and that he had horns growing from his forehead, and was accompanied by a thousand devils.