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CDSCenter for Documentary Studies
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Along similar lines, Bernstein Ramer (1996) has suggested that the length and structure of child-directed speech makes the word-segmentation task very easy for children to perform (Bernstein Ratner, 1996; Bernstein Ramer & Rooney, 2001).
Brent & Siskind (2001) found that 9% of utterances child-directed speech consisted of isolated words, of which 27% occurred twice or more in neighbouring utterances.
Brent and Siskind (2001) found that 75% of 18-month-olds' first words had previously appeared in isolation in child-directed speech.
Thus, these data suggest that the kind of structural regularities found in English child-directed speech (i.
In particular, the speech to which several Catalan-learning children were exposed was analyzed in order to test whether Catalan child-directed speech presents the same kind of characteristics as English child-directed speech, so that the conclusions drawn by earlier studies can be generalized to other languages as well.
In order to test whether the structural simplicity found in child-directed speech was specific of English, or whether it corresponded to a rather general aspect of child-directed speech across languages, we carried out an utterance length analysis and lexical redundancy analysis using data from Catalan child-directed speech.
A total of 8,084 child-directed speech utterances were obtained, which were then analyzed in terms of length as measured by number of words in each utterance using the WDLEN utility of the CLAN program.
A further analysis was also carried out with one-word utterances only using the FREQ utility of the CLAN program as well, in order to explore the kind of words that are most likely to be found in isolation in Catalan child-directed speech.
This paper has investigated the acquisition of word-order constraints in Sesotho double-object applicatives, a construction that rarely occurs in child-directed speech due to the high instance of discourse effects such as pronominalization and "unspecified object deletion," or object ellipsis -- both of which occur in about three-quarters of child-directed ditransitive applicatives (e.
Further research on a larger corpus of adult child-directed speech will be needed to determine the frequency of these constructions, and the discourse contexts in which they occur.