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The one question no one should ever has to ask is, 'Is this chile really New Mexican?
The link that closes the epidemiologic chain between the Brazilian outbreak of fish tapeworm infections and the aquaculture of salmon in southern Chile is that some of the freshwater lakes where D.
After the coup that brings Pinochet to power, Soto leaves Chile for Paris.
In the past, Chile reported economic growth largely due to external demand for its copper and other commodities.
Increased trade could lead to increased trade in forest products, and I think there's a lot of concern that Chile isn't doing an effective enough job at protecting its forests.
My main message is that Chile, and the region of Antofagasta in particular, is one of the most interesting mining regions in the world right now," said Rene Faraggi, the Chilean and Argentinean commercial counsellor for Ontario Exports, an agency of the government of Ontario.
That same squash and potato mixture reappears with another traditional- but-rarely-found- dish known as chile en nogada ($8.
Now imprisoned in Chile for the 1976 Washington murders of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and an American colleague Ronni Moffitt, Contreras claims he never acted without Pinochet's authorization.
Their explorations in southern Chile took them to the Palena province, where the vast wilderness geography of dense rain-forests, mountains with towering granite walls, clear blue-green lakes and lagoons and fjordal coastline was an easy sell.
That is why it is no surprise that Chile and Uruguay have shown a much greater capacity to recognize the wrong of ruling by murder than most of the other Latin American states Rosenberg considers.
Mobile Operator Forecast on Chile provides over 50 operational and financial metrics for Chile's wireless market and is one of the best forecasts in the industry.
The report compares the investment environment in Chile with other countries in the region.