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CHLCentral Hockey League
CHLCanadian Hockey League
CHLChile (ISO Country code)
CHLConcealed Handgun License
CHLCoastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
CHLContinental Hockey League
CHLCentre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
CHLCountrywide Home Loans
CHLChinese Hamster Lung
CHLConductive Hearing Loss
CHLChain Home Low (British WWII radar system)
CHLCentre Hospitalier de Lens (French: Lens Hospital Center; Lens, France)
CHLCombined Hyperlipidemia
CHLCoordination Handicap Locale (French disability services center)
CHLCrown-Heel Length
CHLCanterbury Health Laboratories (Christchurch, New Zealand)
CHLChurch History Library
CHLCombat Health Logistics
CHLCertified Hardware List
CHLCercle Homosexuel de Louvain (French: Gay Circle of Leuven; Leuven, Belgium)
CHLCentre Hospitalier du Lamentin (French: Lamentin Hospital Center; Le Lamentin, Martinique)
CHLCentre Hugues Long (French recreational center)
CHLCore Height Logger (Electronics Unit of SCM System)
CHLCincinnati Hills League (Ohio)
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Shifts in light ultimately cause tiny shifts in the structure of the xanthophyll molecules--to make them either feed light to chlorophyll, or shunt light away.
A predominance of green, plankton-rich water- which is measured at 555 nanometers-indicated the degree to which the waters contained chlorophyll, plankton, and other impurities.
The reduction in chlorophyll content by NaCl stress was also observed in some Vitis vinifera cultivars such as Cardinal, Delight, Beauty Seedless and Baga (OLIVEIRA et al.
However the chlorophyll a and protein content was high in blue light but the phycobilipigment was high under red light reflecting the necessity of high wavelength for the Phycobilin pigment synthesis especially PC and APC.
Even after the coldest weather is over, the chlorophyll, the natural pigment in all plants that turns them green, is still breaking down, and this carries on after the coldest snaps, until the weather starts to heat up again.
The process of the chloroplasts using chlorophyll to make sugar is called photosynthesis.
They then gave the volunteers the same doses of aflatoxin along with doses of either chlorophyll or chlorophyllin, which previously had been shown to reduce carcinogen bioavailability in trout and rats.
So the chlorophyll breaks down and the yellow colour starts to dominate.
Try to figure out which leaves are using chlorophyll (green leaves), which are using carotenoids (yellow and orange leaves), and which are using anthocyanins (red and purple leaves).
On day 14, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and chlorophyll a + b were found to significantly lower in the 2000 ppm Pb treated plants as compared to the control plants (Table 3).
The viability of the explants was tested by staining with 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) and also with total chlorophyll determination.