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Interestingly, some gout patients have chondrocalcinosis; patients with hyperparathyroidism have an incidence of chondrocalcinosis.
Coincidence of ankylosing spondylitis, gouty arthritis and chondrocalcinosis articularis.
Neogi is researching whether low vitamin K status, assessed by dietary intake and blood vessels, is associated with osteoarthritis and chondrocalcinosis, as determined by x-ray findings.
Chondrocalcinosis in osteoarthritis indicates attempts at repair in response to a prior insult.
Progressive swelling and non-recovery with treatment in amyloid arthropathy, typical skin findings in psoriatic arthritis, and determination of chondrocalcinosis radiologically and crystals in synovial fluid in crystal arthropathy are useful distinctions.
There was no evidence of osteophytes, chondrocalcinosis, articular wear, meniscal degeneration, or meniscal tears in the cadaver models.
2] They are associated with crystal deposition disease, called chondrocalcinosis articularis.
Among the cases, whereas concomitant PsA, gout and chondrocalcinosis was described by De Bari and colleagues (6), only concomitant PsA and gout were evident in the others.