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Localisation of a gene for chondrocalcinosis to chromosome 5p.
5) These presentations include asymptomatic or lanthanic Chondrocalcinosis, acute pseudogout, pseudo osteoarthritis (with or without acute attacks), pseudo rheumatoid arthritis, pseudo-polymyalgia rheumatica and pseudo-neuropathic arthropathy.
Interestingly, some gout patients have chondrocalcinosis; patients with hyperparathyroidism have an incidence of chondrocalcinosis.
X-ray findings of chondrocalcinosis are frequently seen in these patients.
It is sometimes called calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease, crystal deposition disease, or chondrocalcinosis.
Other risk factors of OA are major knee injuries and chondrocalcinosis the buildup of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystals in the joints.
Chondrocalcinosis and hypomagnesemia: clinical and radiological progression.
General radiologic features include dense soft tissue tophi, preservation of joint space, bone erosions (Marginal, periarticular overhanging margin sign, intraosseous] normal bone density, periosteal new bone, secondary degenerative joint changes, chondrocalcinosis and avascular necrosis.
Proliferative osseous change, intraosseous cysts, chondrocalcinosis, and olecranon bursitis can occasionally be seen in the patients with gout.
Swelling of these joints should alert one to the likelihood of RA, gout or chondrocalcinosis.
Another paper describes the case of a patient with AS who experienced episodes of gouty arthritis and chondrocalcinosis articularis.
plantar) Gout Tophi, effusions, erosions, double contour sign in articular cartilage Pseudogout Chondrocalcinosis, ([section]) effusions Osteoarthritis Osteophytes, joint space narrowing, effusions, synovitis * Carpal tunnel syndrome Increased cross-sectional area of median nerve Systemic lupus erythematosus Effusions, synovitis * Sjogren's syndrome Submandibular gland abnormalities (contour, echogenicity) Giant cell arteritis "Halo" sign, arterial stenosis/ occlusion * Seen with gray/scale or power Doppler images; ([dagger]) At tendon insertion sites; ([double dagger]) Effusion, altered color Doppler flow in the posterior SI joint; ([section]) Hyper/echoic (bright) linear signal in middle of articular and fibrocartilage.