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One constant in each of his creations is the Santa Clarita Choppers logo, emblazoned in gold leaf on the gas tank.
RC42 Rascal chopper system features lightweight gun, high-speed/high-torque chopper motor, and spring boom that has 5-ft vertical movement with adjustable tension.
Horizon NY and Orange County Choppers will build out the space to accommodate the company's distinctive look.
To celebrate American Chopper's Midlands' debut at the NEC (from Friday November 4 until Sunday November 6) we have five DVD box sets of the programme, American Chopper books, and limited edition die-cast models of the bikes themselves to give away.
The spectrum ([DELTA]) shows the contribution of slow neutrons from the previous frame when the chopper is not running.
And we've received dozens of letters from Echo readers with their own Chopper memories from the Seventies.
Covered in knobs and whistles, and with the potential to pull off motorbike-style wheelies, the Raleigh Chopper was every young boy's dream.
One early bandwagon jumper is Man City keeper David James, who's already gone Chopper crazy.
And this April the new Chopper will follow hot on the heels - or should that be wheels - of design classics the MG, the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen Beetle by hitting the streets in a restyled form.
Problems, in fact, were what led to the creation of the Dixie Chopper line.
Ramil Anoyo, commander of the Army's 48th Infantry Battalion said they have launched search and rescue operations for the missing four-seater chopper from MarcroAsia.