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CHROMO-Color, Colored (Prefix)
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They belong to Ewing's family of tumors which are associated with chromo- somal translocation t (11; 22) and functional fusion of EWS gene to any of the several transcriptional factor genes.
Number of animals studied, number of observed microsatellite alleles, observed and expected heterozygosity and deviation from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) on each locus for two Australian goat breeds Australian goats Angora_Aus Chromo- some Locus No Individuals Alleles [H.
Expanded trinucleotide repeats Hayden, (2) 1987 South Africa Discussion of impact of mole- cular genetics Scrimgeour, (24) 1995 Sudan 1 (1) Genetic CAG repeat confir- mation, first reported case in Sudan Greenberg, (35) 1991 South Africa (10) 2 white, 4 coloured, 2 black Kromberg, (36) 1999 South Africa 30 Prenatal pre- dictive testing Kabore, (37) 2000 Burkina Faso 4(2) Separate mutations Heckmann, (4) 2001 South Africa 3 Absence of CAG repeats Chromo- some 4 against HD Bardien, (38) 2007 South Africa (1) HDL2 phenotype can differ from typical HD Magazi, 2008 South Africa 12 (11) Black families Present study 6 HD1 5 HDL-2 Genetic heterogeneity