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The idea was that moving away from the chronological order would help users see more posts that they wanted to see.
Empire: A Chronological History" is a very highly recommended addition to community, college, and university library International Studies collections.
They cover different fields, including politics, literature and science, and they are placed in the book in chronological order.
A research letter published online by JAMA Internal Medicine found that older people who felt three or more years younger than their chronological age had a lower death rate compared with those who felt their age or who felt more than one year older than their actual age.
Results: On average, the Greulich and Pyle Atlas underestimates chronological age by 6.
The relationships between age and study measures also provided an interesting finding about the mean chronological ages at which young women frequently reported body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness but not bulimia.
The study, which used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2001 to 2008, calculated a ratio of vascular to chronological age.
However the sequence of events is not only chronological but also logical governed by its own logic (Oring 1986).
Auld's work bears directly on Miano's treatment of the chronologies of DtrH since the chronological information contained in Chronicles provides further evidence for the chronological sources used in DtrH.
The Timeband is a continuous band in chronological order of beautiful drawings of fossil sites as they might have looked.
The visible signs of ageing reflect physiologic or biological age, not chronological age, and are independent of chronological age," said lead scientist Professor Anne-Tybjaerg-Hansen, from the University of Copenhagen.