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CHUMPSChildren of Upwardly Mobile Parents
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To be fair, the BLUU Chumps tend also to adjust the height of their umbrellas, but who decides which umbrella goes down, and which goes up?
Underworld is populated by perverts, drug users, and chumps of every stripe, just as every great metropolis should be-except sometimes the comic's set in an enchanted forest or in hillbilly country.
Were the guys and gals not cool enough for your clique dips, saps, chumps, bozos, dorks, or offies?
PAUL INCE is ready to give his MK Dons chumps a week from hell - after this ridiculous giveaway at Rochdale.
Or, as John James of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians puts it, "Let the chumps come in and put their money down.
Weeks before Bonfire Night we'd go "chumpin' for chumps.
MIKE RILEY - We all know calling referees chumps is like shooting fish in a barrel.
Because chumps shift their weight from one foot to the
BRITS are chumps when it comes to identifying some of the country's most famous landmarks, a survey revealed yesterday.
Pioneering cricket historian Dr Philippa Velija, pictured right, gave the provocatively titled talk They're all male chauvinistic chumps - Howzat for a view?
You don't get recognized as the pound-for-pound best by fighting chumps, and Tito Trinidad ain't no chump.