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CHUMSComputerized Homes Underwriting Management System (Department of Housing & Urban Development automated lender engine)
CHUMSChildren United Morally and Spiritually
CHUMSChildren Hope for Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
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We didn't chum with the other girls, who called us little cannibals, just because we came from the Sandwich Islands, and who made invidious remarks about our ancestors banqueting on Captain Cook--which was historically untrue, and, besides, our ancestors hadn't lived in Hawaii.
You never were cross when he was your chum," Rose said, looking up at him as he bent toward her from the low chimney-piece, where he had been leaning his elbows.
Anna and Maggie worked side by side in the factory, and were the greatest chums ever.
Some of the small boys of Number 4 communicated the new state of things to their chums, and in several other rooms the poor little fellows tried it on--in one instance or so, where the prepostor heard of it and interfered very decidedly, with partial success; but in the rest, after a short struggle, the confessors were bullied or laughed down, and the old state of things went on for some time longer.
One-third of the men in the government, the older men, had been friends of his father's, and had known him in petticoats; another third were his intimate chums, and the remainder were friendly acquaintances.
You'll have a chummage ticket upon twenty-seven in the third, and them as is in the room will be your chums.
I am not a-going to see this fair young child a falling into bad hands, and getting among people that she's no more fit for, than they are to get among angels as their ordinary chums.
Yet I can't help being impressed by this," and, having found the article in the magazine to which he referred, he handed it to his chum.
said his friend Stryver, "you take it more easily than I fancied you would, and are less mercenary on my behalf than I thought you would be; though, to be sure, you know well enough by this time that your ancient chum is a man of a pretty strong will.
It's my chum who saw the paper and told me--this very morning.
I have a chum in Texas, and he says it is a rare life.
I mean a real friend, man or woman, the kind you chum with, you know, and that you're glad to be with and sorry to be away from.