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CHUNKCell-Hunting Unified Neurotic Ketone
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Delicate Cousin Annetta standing at the dresser, with a big loaf of bread beside her and a big platterful of cold, boiled pork in front of her; and Annetta was hacking off great chunks, like Dan there, and gobbling them down as if she was starving.
Every force of his being impelled him to spring up and confront the unseen danger, but his soul dominated the panic, and he remained squatting on his heels, in his hands a chunk of gold.
Still feigning interest in the chunk of gold in his hand, he listened intently and he heard the breathing of the thing behind him.
Then she seized the chunk of fire and suddenly thrust it almost into the boy's face.
Daylight, with the ax, chopped chunks off the frozen sausage of beans.
I made about three passes in the air, and then there was an awful crash and that old tower leaped into the sky in chunks, along with a vast volcanic fountain of fire that turned night to noonday, and showed a thou- sand acres of human beings groveling on the ground in a general collapse of consternation.
However, this did not matter, for there was a box rather like an ice-cream machine, and you put chunks of pork in at one end and turned a handle and they came out as sausages at the other end.
The war-songs and dances were more unrestrained, and, from abuse, the plantation blacks had turned to pelting their helpless foes with pieces of wood, handfuls of pebbles, and chunks of coral-rock.
His stick was gone, so he began ripping out chunks of crumbling rock and throwing them in at me.
Since chunk is that the essential unit that finds repetitions, the agency formula has major impact on the de-duplication quantitative relation.
It can refer to what we do to learn the notes to a new piece: section it off into shorter chunks such as phrases or individual measures so that initial practice can be focused and effective.
The recall impacts cases of Chunk Light Tuna produced in February.