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The Arbor and Circulate teams will lead the strategy for LiveRamp's IdentityLink for Publishers offering.
Refill with enough fresh water to circulate throughout the system or tank(s) so that all traces of cleaner and swarf are removed.
Fluid containing these levels of additives was allowed to circulate through the hose at 160 [degrees] F for 48 hours prior to determining the effect on stiffness.
Founded in 1930, Yellow Book expects to publish more than 970 print directory editions in its 2007 fiscal year and to circulate approximately 126 million books.
Showing its internal air-cooling systems for blow molding, which circulate chilled air inside the part immediately after blowing.
4 million from a group of influential public employee unions to circulate petitions placing the measure on the June 2006 ballot.
Many surveys of blood chemistry have revealed that PBDE residues circulate in most people.
IMA's Management are extremely disappointed that Aquiline's Management would choose to circulate this biased summary via the Internet while the court is reviewing the matter.
to permit cooling air to circulate between the heaters and barrel.