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CIRCUSContent Integrated Research In Creative-User Systems (conference)
CIRCUSCombined Interest Rate and Currency Swap
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Well, all through the circus they done the most astonishing things; and all the time that clown carried on so it most killed the people.
So the Doctor went to the crocodile and told him he must go back to his circus.
You know, as well as I do, no young people have circus masters, or keep circuses in cabinets, or attend lectures about circuses.
with their forked tongues, their beady eyes and glittering scales, their hissing and their rattling--did I not already know them far too well on that day of my first circus when I saw the snake-charmer lift them up?
When I was five years old I went to my first circus.
Pinocchio went to the owner of a circus, who wanted to teach him to do tricks for his audiences.
When the first part of the performance was over, the Owner and Manager of the circus, in a black coat, white knee breeches, and patent leather boots, presented himself to the public and in a loud, pompous voice made the following announcement:
I go up in a balloon, usually, to draw the crowds to the circus.
We bound it between pasteboards, which I covered with brilliant calico, representing scenes from a circus.
Just like the knife thrower Mark saw at the circus.
On the sidewalk at the side of Winney's Dry Goods Store where there was a high board fence covered with circus pictures, he stopped whistling and stood perfectly still in the darkness, attentive, listening as though for a voice calling his name.
I'd much rather go back to Kansas with you and be in a circus again.