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CISTConference on Information Systems and Technology
CISTCommon and Internal Spanning Tree (IEEE Std 802.1s-2002)
CISTCountering Ideological Support for Terrorism
CISTCenter for Information Security Technology
CISTCollege of Integrated Science and Technology (James Madison University)
CISTCenter for Information Science and Technology (Nepal and India)
CISTCentre d'Ingénierie Système Transport (French: Transportation System Engineering Center)
CISTCounterintelligence Screening Test (US DoD)
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A good gauge for this is provided by the fact that the excavators were able to distinguish no more than at best two skeletons (in cist A, allegedly in reverse orientation), while the rest were in an indistinguishable bone mix.
Ten years later the sea exposed two more cists, each with a beaker.
A large percentage of what remains of the burials in this area indicates that they were cist burials.
Since the 1980s Bronze Age stone-lined burial pits called cists have been exposed lodged in the cliff-side at Low Hauxley on Druridge Bay, Northumberland, as the shoreline gradually erodes.
The excavation, which took place in August, was the first excavation of a Dartmoor cist for nearly 100 years and involved experts from Cornwall Council's historic environment projects team, with assistance from English Heritage and specialists from the University of Plymouth.
Y Felin Sgwrsio, a former cafe in the centre of Y Felinheli, was transformed into a community centre with the help of a PS6,000 grant from Cist Gwynedd in 2009.
Branwen Williams, aelod o Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog a Siddi fydd yn llenwi Cist Amser Pethe.
10pm) Mae diwrnod y Sel Cist Car wedi cyrraedd ac mae pawb yn brysur yn ceisio gwneud cymaint o bres ag sy'n bosib, ond mae Kelvin yn wynebu penderfyniad anodd wrth i Adam amharu ar ei gynllun mawr.
In the period 2199-1977 cal BC a cist burial was inserted into the interior of the henge monument (Figures 6 & 7) (Table 2).
avid, the star of TV's Curb Your m, plays crotchety nihilist nikoff who's quit his job cist to live in solitary fore he meets and falls Larry David, the star of TV's Curb Your Enthusiasm, plays crotchety nihilist Boris Yellnikoff who's quit his job as a physicist to live in solitary misery before he meets and falls for the sparky 19-year-old Melody (Evan Rachel Wood).
Though scores of megalith burials have been dug up from these sites, the most significant among them is the port-holed cist," said Devdas.
Last year the group's summer dig uncovered one of Northumberland's oldest monuments, a prehistoric burial cist in a hilltop long cairn.