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CISTChitose Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)
CISTConference on Information Systems and Technology
CISTCommon and Internal Spanning Tree (IEEE Std 802.1s-2002)
CISTCounterintelligence Screening Test (US DoD)
CISTCountering Ideological Support for Terrorism
CISTCenter for Information Security Technology
CISTCollege of Integrated Science and Technology (James Madison University)
CISTCenter for Information Science and Technology (Nepal and India)
CISTCentre d'Ingénierie Système Transport (French: Transportation System Engineering Center)
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For example, what type of relations does a population that constructs this type of funerary architecture (cromlechs, burial mound cromlechs and burial mounds) have with groups where these structures are unknown but cists are known--e.
A good gauge for this is provided by the fact that the excavators were able to distinguish no more than at best two skeletons (in cist A, allegedly in reverse orientation), while the rest were in an indistinguishable bone mix.
In various states and municipalities, the Cist has become a mere appendage to the health committee, partly because in many places there is a requirement for it to be composed of committee members themselves.
Chance finds from the area which have been revealed by erosion include cists with skeletal remains cremations and pottery beakers which probably contained food or drink.
The excavation, which took place in August, was the first excavation of a Dartmoor cist for nearly 100 years and involved experts from Cornwall Council's historic environment projects team, with assistance from English Heritage and specialists from the University of Plymouth.
Cist 1200-1268: in de Latijnse bewerking van de anomieme biechtvader der abdij van Nazareth te Lier.
Normally the individual courses would cist pounds 110 per delegate, but any delegates attending all workshops will be able to take advantage of the cost being reduced by 20 per cent.
Halpine inviting him to visit and "confer freely upon the pending difficulties" (363); one to Gordon Granger on the results of Memphis elections; one to Henry Cist declining to attend a reunion of the Army of the Cumberland; and one to J.
Mae'r twr yn codi mewn cist o gerrig tua thair troedfedd Ond pwy oedd y Madog yma?
The skeleton of Thankerton Man was found in a stone cist - burial chamber - at a Lanarkshire quarry in 1970.
Silvia Laul, who excavated the grave, suggested on the basis of the fact that it did not contain any grave goods or a central cist and had an irregular ring that the grave might be dated to the final period of the tradition of stone-cist graves, which means that the grave was built around the time of the birth of Christ (Laul 2001, 29 ff.
It was local volunteer archaeologist Jim Nesbitt who alerted Clive in 2009 to the fact that erosion of the cliffs had revealed ancient features, including a cist, or stone burial chamber, leading to the rescue dig last year before the site was lost to the sea.