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CTZCorps Tactical Zone
CTZCollege Toezicht Zorgverzekeringen (Dutch: College Health Insurance Supervision; Netherlands)
CTZCoastal Transition Zone
CTZControl Zone
CTZCentral Time Zone
CTZColumbus, Tomahawk, Zeus (beer hops)
CTZChemoreceptive Trigger Zone (part of the brain responsible for nausea)
CTZCertificato del Tesoro Zero Coupon (Italian: Zero Coupon Treasury Certificate)
CTZConsorcio de Transportes de Zaragoza (Spanish: Zaragoza Tranport Consortium; Zaragoza, Spain)
CTZCritical-Time Zone
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His high ideal of citizenship offers to those who can satisfy its claims the prospect of a fair life; those who fall short are deemed to be different in nature and shut out entirely from approach to the ideal.
What is important are the rights of man, emancipation from prejudices, and equality of citizenship, and all these ideas Napoleon has retained in full force.
Roy Blanchard was hailed a hero and held up as a model of wealthy citizenship.
Unlike many other countries, the United States has no national identification card and no national registry of its citizens; if the United States had such a comprehensive registry, making a change to the Citizenship Clause would presumably be easier as a bureaucratic matter.
Dr Mohammad Al Rokn, lawyer defending the seven Emiratis stripped of citizenship, told Gulf News after the hearing he will appeal the court's ruling and file a new petition.
The bill stipulates that nationals residing abroad, citizens of Latvia who were deported or left Latvia as a result of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany occupations, as well as Latvians and Livonians who do not permanently reside in Latvia will be able to apply for dual citizenship.
A Sri Lankan applicant having a passport of another country will initially be given permanent residency for five years after which he or she will become eligible to receive the dual citizenship status.
Originally presented at the 2005 International Conference on Citizenship Education in Conflict-Ridden Societies, the 13 chapters presented here theoretically and critically explore citizenship education in Israel in light of wider global contexts.
Bill C-24 also stipulates that children born to Canadian parents serving abroad as servants of the Crown are able to pass on their citizenship to children they have or adopt outside Canada.
Most people seek second citizenship in European countries and there are clear reasons why.
Volpp's essay operates through a critical race--though largely genderless--lens, while Kang theorizes citizenship as racialized and gendered through the "genealogy of 'Asian American women'" (Kang 132).
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