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CTZCorps Tactical Zone
CTZCollege Toezicht Zorgverzekeringen (Dutch: College Health Insurance Supervision; Netherlands)
CTZCoastal Transition Zone
CTZControl Zone
CTZCentral Time Zone
CTZColumbus, Tomahawk, Zeus (beer hops)
CTZChemoreceptive Trigger Zone (part of the brain responsible for nausea)
CTZCertificato del Tesoro Zero Coupon (Italian: Zero Coupon Treasury Certificate)
CTZConsorcio de Transportes de Zaragoza (Spanish: Zaragoza Tranport Consortium; Zaragoza, Spain)
CTZCritical-Time Zone
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Subsequently, the fact that the man at the time of acquiring the citizenship of the Russian Federation had Azerbaijani citizenship was confirmed by the information of the competent bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan that came to the city prosecutor's office.
He said if the Citizenship Act was amended to include dual citizenship, the laws would all have to be reviewed to indicate whether in those laws the word 'citizen' would also imply 'dual citizenship'.
How to get Slovak citizenship backPeople have to apply for the return in written form and the application has to be handed out in person, at the district office in a regional city, at an embassy or a consular office.
From 2008 to 2015, annually, about 3,500 people renounced the BH citizenship, while in 2016, this was the case with 4,270 people.
The following day, she filed a petition before the Bureau of Immigration (Bl) for the reacquisition of her Philippine citizenship, wherein she stated in her petition that she lost her Philippine citizenship when she became a naturalized American citizen.
On the other hand, the People's Party filed for the cancellation of one citizenship, that of a Turkish woman who is allegedly romantically involved with an official.
If there is no such law, then Cayetano stayed Filipino when he renounced US citizenship, and was later validly elected a senator.
A famous exception is Rogers Brubaker's study Citizenship and Nationhood in France and Germany (1992).
In 2014, around 890,000 persons acquired citizenship of a Member State of the European Union (EU), down from 981,000 in 2013.
In 99 % of the cases, those granted Bulgarian citizenship came from non-EU countries.
Spiro charts the history of dual citizenship from strong disfavor to general acceptance, a story he thinks no one else has told yet.
Deputy commissioner Pardeep Sabharwal handed over the certificate of Indian citizenship to Tahira Hazoor, TOI reported quoting officials.
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